Plan Your Presentation

Any chef will tell you “you first eat with your eyes” – a notion confirmed by all of the food photos on Instagram!
So what are some basics for creating the same visual appeal at home without being overwhelmed by the 3- million ideas on Pinterest?

I like to begin with a menu and plan the “styling” around the food.
Here is an example of planning for a small Birthday Celebration.

Why this works:
The appetizer is a buratta and potato pizza – it’s simple and rustic as are the serving board and galvanized “ice bucket”.  Although it is a finger food, it’s nice to offer guests a plate.
The main course is a pasta dish.  White plates let the food be the star.  If this were a “white” pasta or other light food, a dark or patterned dish might make a better presentation.  I’m hoping the napkin color plays off the color of the sauce!
Desert is a chocolate cake with champagne.  Here, square white serving plates mimic the color and shape of the cake plate, colorful candles play off the whimsy of the party dog napkins.
Another advantage to laying this out – I know I have everything and don’t have to worry about it the day of the event!

How did it turn out?

The guests had many posts on Instagram!

Taking the Leap

There are many things about my childhood that I've forgotten.  One thing I do remember is that I had at least three tea sets - melamine for everyday, some beautiful translucent pink and blue plastic that included everything from goblets to flatware, and the requisite flowered china pattern.  I could spend hours planning and executing my fantasy tea parties - creating table settings, adding wildflowers from the yard or better yet from my Grandpa's garden.  I can't remember a time in my life that I haven't enjoyed home entertaining - the planning, logistics, and execution of a well thought out event no matter the size or occasion. While this is my jam, I realize others sometimes need a little coaching in the home party department. So, in response to all of you who have said "Why don't you become a caterer?" I'm launching savoryandsweet -thoughts, plans, recipes and decorating ideas  for home entertaining.  For those of you wanting a little help, please get in touch